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I am Water is a shoot done for a thesis project for a Fashion Design student Khushi Mistry who needed a conceptual shoot done for the clothes she designed.


Cinematography & Editing Team


6 Hours


Conceptual shoot for Thesis Project


Fashion Design


Physical Project


The idea was to show a very unique effect which could be executed instead of actual water and would give a water like feel.


The clothes designed by the Fashion Designer were specially curated for the concept “I AM WATER”. Each fabric had its own identity and each element played its role.


Shoot had to be curated as per the Clothes designed and as per the fashion designer would want to present their thoughts of it through the clothes.

For the water effect which was planned, we used a silver paper which could be easily folded and crumpled so with the help of it we could give a mirror like effect which water would also provide at a certain angle.


Then for the feel of water, we played with lighting, we used Blue and White lighting which gives out the essence of water which we would see in the ocean or the sea.


In the end it was all about the magic of the models, the cinematographers and the people who helped who made it all possible to give out such an outstanding Product.


Final Output

Final output included the amazing photos which were curated to come through.


The feeling of “I AM WATER” concept and the looks of it to be the same was a effortful task but it was all for this final product which was just pure beauty to look at in the end.


The usage of silver paper and the lighting was to make the viewer feel the emotions and not just any image which would mean nothing.

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