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Audience Research

We conducted comprehensive research to understand Menology's target audience, focusing on demographics, purchasing behavior, and fashion preferences.

Content Strategy

A content strategy was developed to ensure all information was engaging, relevant, and tailored to the interests of Menology's audience.

Site Mapping

The goal was to make it easy for users to find products, understand categories, and complete purchases seamlessly.

UX Prototyping

These prototypes were tested and refined based on user feedback, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience.

Design Experience

Key Goals

Product focused

3 steps easy checkout

Highly Trusted

Perfomance marketing

Clean Product Category 

Using Lingual Typography to connect peoples  

Appealing Banners to connect website to the end users. 

Brand Name - menologyclothing.com 

Menology Clothing seeks to develop a website that effectively communicates the exceptional value for money and quality of our products.



UI / UX Design


3 Months


 30k sales + 1 million social media reach


Fashion B2C to B2B

We have used table top images instead of using models to view better angles of product

Keeping product at minimal size for clean look 

Keeping background simple to improve product focus

Performance Report of 1 Month

Meno Mood Board

Social Media Reach : 3M per Month

Duration : 1 Months

Roas : 3.7 
Website + Social Media + Performance Marketing= 13000 Customers 



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