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Maxzone Clothing seeks to develop a website that effectively communi- cates the exceptional value for

money and quality of our products, establishing our brand as reliable & trustworthy in the eyes of our target audience.


Technical & Design


3 months


1 CR sales + 29k customers + 5 million social media reach


Fashion B2C to B2B

Brand : Maxzoneclothing.com / Platform : Shopify

1) Product focused website size/ colors / fit

2) 3 steps checkout

3) Decluttering extra products

5) Reviews & Testimonials

6) PR activity

7) Corporate order page

8) product combos

Social Media Strategy

1) Realistic behind the scenes

2) Meaningful giveaways

3) Product explainer videos

4) Public review videos

5) Founders Friday / Podcast with founders

6) Transition reels

7) Perfomance marketing

Banner & Core Products:
 Mix of products:

 Mix of products:

Trust worthy elements:

Hover 2 / Mix of Products

Trust worthy elements
Category focused:
Mix of products
Category Focused
Trust Worthy Elements
Appealing Overview:
Product Page:
Bulk Buying page / pages are interlinked with excel sheet:
Easy Login Integration:

Social Media Reach : 5 M per Month

Duration : 4 Months

Roas : 4.5 
Website + Social Media + Performance Marketing= 29000 Customers + 1CR+

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