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B2B Communications

Brand 1 - Maxzone Clothing

There was no communication for channel partners, retailer centric advertisements, trust building content


Increase in interaction

Increase in sales

Store profitable 5% to 35%

Podcast Series - To Build trust in brand & reliability on the founders.

Factory Reels- To Build trust of retailers & increase quality B2B advertisements. 

B2B Creatives- Personalized creatives with their shop name for retailers so they would share on their WhatsApp Status. This would further help build brand communications.
Brand 2 - Asian Paints

Asian pains needed communications for partners, retailers & dealers in their regional language to connect more to the brand 

They just loved it; one has even tried to snatch our posters in excitement!

Ad creatives that increases brand's communication & connectivity towards their suppliers & retailers.

Creatives In Regional Languages for Accessibility & Ease of Communication
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