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Design a logo for a brand that want their customers to feel excitement, the way they did when they were kids. 


Design & Research 


15 days


Make the kid like excitement alive and known in the logo with the five senses. 


Logo Design & Guidelines


Fashion B2C


We conducted a small survey with different age groups and gave them a key an "anywhere key", through which they can go to any part of the world. Here's a sketch of what people recited. 

Magical Bubble -

To be able to pop the bubble and get anything they wish for. 

Serenity -

Sitting still between the mountains and feeling the peace.

Curiosity -

Going anywhere and seeing unusual objects. 

Learning -

Classroom where teacher answers all his questions.

Excitement - Roller coaster ride to feel all the senses. 


Every Sense Is Active - Every Part Of The Brain Is Active

To have this adrenaline rush in day-to-day experiences

Keywords - Curious, Excitement.

Logo Iterations
Logo Evolution

The logo transformed from a sketch of a man diving to flying in the sky into the possibilities along side the color palette. 

Logo Breakdown
Color Palette
Type Logo
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